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Himalayan Premium Shilajit from Beauty Secrets

Himalayan Premium Shilajit from Beauty Secrets

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Sourced from the highest Himalayan ranges in Laddakh. Fresh supply directly from the origin.


RAW SHILAJIT – 100% Organic ! Original composition Retained. All minerals, Nutrients and essence Preserved.

We do not use any solvent extraction or commercial processing. Every batch is purified to perfection using the traditional Ayurvedic methods to preserve its natural mineral essence.

Beauty Secrets Shilajit is procured from the pristine Himalayan ranges at above 16,000 feet of altitudes. We work directly with the locals to obtain the best quality raw material.

We use the traditional Sun drying method, so that the original molecular composition of the Minerals and Micro-nutrients remain intact.

100% Genuine, 100% Natural, Sun dried, Very Potent, Lab Certified

Brought to you in same form as it found after just filtering out the impurities.


In order to acquire the highest quality Shilajit resin, the purification techniques used must not change its original composition while removing impurities and other contaminations. It is mandatory to preserve its actual mineral essence! Modern technological methods often negotiate the quality to produce faster! Authentic Natural Shilajit making is a slow process that requires a lot of patience and time which commercial producers don’t have! Premium Shilajit is prepared under the strictest organic standards to conserve its original composition and its organic nature to the fullest.


Raw Shilajit is dissolved in fresh Himalayan spring water rich in natural minerals to remove all the dirt, grit and dust from it. Fresh spring water is steamed to decontaminate Shilajit from possible soil bacteria or spores. It takes days to settle the grit and different residues at the bottom! Though Shilajit at these heights and locality are free of heavy metals or other contamination due to the height and pristine nature in these mountains – there is a myth related to impurities such as pollutants, fertilizers or chemicals causing heavy metal contamination. We yet run a double safety confirmation. We use natural and fresh Moringa seeds to purify our Shilajit from any possible heavy metals. Moringa seeds according to the International scientific research are the best to remove heavy metals from any liquid without changing its natural taste or properties! This method is used on alarge scale in India to clean drinking water at city water supply heads. It’s very important to perform this step very carefully! But this isn’t enough to purify the Shilajit!


Next step is to pass the Shilajit from the filters! Filtration is a repetitive process! We use carbon and fresh sand filters. We guarantee you that 99%  Shilajit in the market is not purified and filtered properly! 

For Preserving All Minerals and Micro-nutrients in Shilajit

Once purified, we now have to separate the Shilajit from the spring water to procure it in solid / semi-liquid form. The Shilajit filtrate is SUN DRIED to preserve its typical nature. Almost 99% Shilajit vendors boil Shilajit as it is fast and inexpensive way to make resin from the Shilajit filtrate. Boiling greatly compromises its quality and kills the Shilajit properties! Constant exposure of heat is unnatural to Shilajit which belongs to cold mountainous regions. We at Premium Shilajit dry the Shilajit filtrate in the Sun for 3-4 weeks below 40°c till it becomes the world’s finest PURE GOLD Shilajit resin.  This way we are able to preserve its full count of minerals and micronutrients and retain its true essence and soul. Only such an Original Shilajit has powerful spirit and high potency.


Food Graded Glass Jars! Run warm water over the jar so you can open the jar easily without any problem! It becomes paste at normal temperature so keep this in refrigerator or in standing position for an hour before you open the cap of the jar so it settles down and won’t get stuck with the cap of the jar. We send 2-5grams extra to avoid any wastage.

Safety Information :

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. All material provided is meant for educational purposes only and should not substitute for a medical consultation. All readers are strongly encouraged to consult and work with an experienced health-care practitioner before using this product. If you are pregnant or nursing or under a doctors care for any health condition you should consult with your physician before taking this or any other supplement.


How to Use Himalayan premium Shilajit (a) Take about the size of grain (300mg – 500 mg) and dissolve this in warm drinking water and drink on empty stomach 30 minutes before your breakfast! If you want to enhance the energy level it is highly recommended to add one tea spoon of honey and one garlic clove cut in small pieces and take with Shilajit liquid! (b) Himalayan Shilajit can be used with green tea during a day without adding sugar to it. (c) Shilajit can also be taken with warm milk and honey one hour before you sleep! (d) If you so hate the taste and cannot bear it. Hide it inside your spoon of rice or any food and swallow it and drink a glass of water on it. Taking Shilajit with Honey & Crushed Garlic Is Believed To Improve the Efficacy of Shilajit


SHILAJIT QUALITY FACTORS Shilajit superiority differs on the basis of micro-nutrients and “mineral count”! There are three factors that defines the Shilajit quality – its origin of existence, sourcing height, and the purification techniques. Shilajit quality is compromised by the leading Shilajit selling companies by using modern methods in order to speed up the output and adding energy fillers to to it to create quick results. Shilajit is the best and most effective when it is original and not modified. Premium Shilajit is Natural and Organic without adopting the shortcut methods of purification. Ours is the only team in the world that personally extracts Shilajit from the world’s highest Shilajit source – Laddakh, j&k, rather than to rely on third-party extractors who may not always be reliable of quality! We process Shilajit independently and brings you the Most Potent, Fresh, Organic, Sun Dried, Safe & Pure Shilajit – directly from the source! Himalayan Premium Shilajit is definitely the guaranteed best choice when searching for the Highest quality Shilajit Resin. Not only is it the most Effective and Potent Shilajit – it is available at the best price for Highest Quality Shilajit – Very often people judge quality over price. Our lowest prices for the Gold Grade Shilajit owe to the fact that WE personally source Shilajit from above 16000 feet. IT IS AN EXTREMELY TOUGH AND DANGEROUS JOB. Shilajit from Ladakh India is limited due to procurement hindrances in challenging weather and altitude. HOW TO FIND AUTHENTIC AND MINERAL ENRICHED SHILAJIT? Shilajit is found in different parts of the world, not all have the same amount of natural minerals, vitamins, and other important elements. Because it is easily available almost everywhere, it is important to make a well-informed choice in order to avoid any health risks! The market today is full of sellers offering Shilajit from all regions, ranging from the Altai Mountains to lower Himalayas, and even up to the Sky-touching Highest Himalayas from where we source our Shilajit. Shilajit exists at altitudes ranging from 6,500ft up to 18,000ft respectively. The higher you go, the environment gets purer and so does the Shilajit. It also becomes even more rare to find. Therefore, for the best Shilajit Resin formation, the raw Shilajit rock must be extremely rich in itself and the purified resin must not have any sort of soil or heavy metal contamination in it! Does Shilajit have contamination or Side Effects other than health benefits? Pure Shilajit has great health benefits and no known side effects as it is Natural supplement. Contamination may occur mostly in Shilajit extracted from lower altitudes, mainly due to the effects of urbanization, the use of chemicals and fertilizers and even the transportation relate hazardous smoke that penetrates into the earth and even into the Shilajit rocks. At very high altitudes sources such as the highest Ladakh mountains,where we source our Shilajit from, there are no such risks because of the clean atmosphere and rural lifestyle protect these environments. People in the surroundings of these sky-touching Himalayas use animal transport and walk miles every day and live an eco-friendly self-sustainable life. It is hence important to choose Shilajit from the best source and altitude! It is yet extremely important to have a well purified Shilajit to get full benefits and the one which is lab tested to ensure a healthy consumption. Is Himalayan Premium Shilajit clean and Safe from Heavy Metals? Yes!! Our Himalayan Premium Shilajit does not contain any heavy metals or any other food contamination. Himalayan Premium Shilajit is 100% Food Safe and healthy! It is rated as A+ Shilajit from the sample we tested by Clean Food Experts in globally specialized labs that deal with Food and Contamination Testing.


AUTHENTIC HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT The purity and potency largely rely upon Sourcing Region, Geography, Altitude, and Purification Techniques. The finest quality comes from the World’s Highest Mountains of Laddakh- a place known as the Roof of the World. This place is most suited for the highest grade Pure Shilajit due to exceptional Geographical features and its unique rock mineralogy due to the pristine environment. This region is free from pollutants, fertilizers, and chemicals due to its high altitude. At Himalayan premium Shilajit we personally source the richest and the purest Shilajit from this region to guarantee the Authenticity and the Best Quality! Shilajit health benefits exceed all other modern dietary supplements. It is very beneficial for the body, brain, and heart, and being a great anti-agent, kills chronic fatigue and stress, is great for sexual health. It has been used for centuries in Ayurveda.Your body will thank you for using it. WHY HIMALAYAN Premium SHILAJIT ? What makes this Himalayan Shilajit the best amongst others is that it comes to you directly from the origin. We produce our Shilajit using centuries old Ayurvedic method of purifying it so You can be sure that our Shilajit has not been produced commercially with added Energy Fillers, processed or altered in laboratories to achieve any specific standard taste, color or texture for profitable gains! You get it 100% Natural & Organic, though it has been carefully purified and Lab Tested for all harmful substances in the leading Labs specialized in Expert Analysis of Contamination in Food, Water, Soil, Dietary and Herbal Supplements. (Lab Reports Available in Product Safety Section). WHAT IS SHILAJIT? It’s a natural mineral-rich substance found in the Himalayas. Also known as “Destroyer of Weakness,” and “Blood of the Mountain,” it has an amazing amount of health-supporting properties being a powerful antioxidant phytocomplex. It is the result of the natural decomposition of decaying plant matter by the action of microorganisms. Shilajit is composed mainly of humic substances, including fulvic acid, that account for around 60% to 80% of the total nutraceutical compound plus some oligo elements including selenium of anti- aging properties. Other molecules present in shilajit preparations are eldagic acid, some fatty acids, resins, latex, gums, albumins, triterpenes, sterols, aromatic carboxylic acids, 3,4-benzocoumarins, amino acids, polyphenols, and phenolic lipids. Certainly its molecular composition varies from region to region. Shilajit comes out as a thick resin, formed purest at altitudes over 16000 feet above sea level. SHILAJIT takes thousands of years to form between layers of rocks.The resin found at this altitude and among these mountainous crevices is the pure, potent shilajit that people around the world consider a sacred part of daily health. Himalayan Premium Shilajit possesses the greatest healing powers. As we age, our body cells get weaker and start being deficient of different elements and we begin to lose health and show up signs of aging. It is, in fact, the essential minerals that help our body to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from the food we consume.There is nothing in nature richer in minerals than the organic Shilajit. Hand collected, a very dangerous job, it is purified under stringest organic standards, resulting in the world’s only supplement that gives the body ALL 85 nutrients it requires to function at optimum! Himalayan Premium Shilajit is the number one herb used in Ayurveda. You WILL feel the difference!



BENEFITS OF SHILAJIT FOR MEN AND WOMEN’S HEALTH Shilajit (Gold Graded) has been used for more than 3000 years as one of the major components in the Ayurvedic system in Himalayan region for many health benefits. Shilajit is an extremely rich substance in bioactive minerals that helps recovers that lack of essential minerals in body e.g due to aging or menopause in women. The active principle of Shilajit is fulvic acid and humic acid with hundreds of health benefits. Here are few major incredible Shilajit benefits for men, women, animals, and plants. Benefits and Properties Include: More than 85 essential minerals and trace elements, including potent ,Fulvic acid A wide range of amino acids, live enzymes, and phyto-nutrients Catalytic agent for absorption of other herbal supplements Powerful antioxidant source for protection against harmful free radicals Slows effects of aging Balances electrolytes and supports healthy metabolism Increases potential for weight loss Enhances mental clarity and memory Accelerates and maintains energy throughout the day Manages the body and mind’s ability to cope with environmental stress Supports immune, digestive, bone, and liver health Boosts sex drive and promotes healthy reproductive systems A star of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, shilajit has been studied in the Western Hemisphere for only about sixty years. But it’s gaining popularity as more mindful consumers and health professionals learn about it and see the results for themselves.


SHILAJIT SUPPORTS HEALTHY AGING AND REGENERATES BODY CELLS Cellular damage in body makes the aging process very fast. Shilajit has great antioxidant properties and its regular use protects body against cellular damage which makes the aging process slow. The huge aamount of Fulvic acid in Shilajit supplies antioxidants and 85 minerals directly to body cells where they are needed. Great natural supplement for mental and physical health. It aslows down aging, repairs, regenerate body cells (including skin and nails).


SHILAJIT SUPPORTS OVERALL SEXUAL HEALTH NATURALLY Shilajit has Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B5 which help to regulate sex hormones in both men and women. Himalayan Premium Shilajit is great for the well-being of reproductive system and for enhancing potency. Shilajit supports fertility by naturally increasing sperm count in men and healthy ovulation in women. Using Himalayan Premium Shilajit with warm milk, garlic cloves, honey and one table spoon of olive oil or apricot oil will boost physical energy level immensely. Himalayan Premium Shilajit is a rich organic mass that is a food for all the energy we need hroughout our life.


SHILAJIT SUPPORTS MEMORY AND PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP Himalayan Premium Shilajit can increase testosterone levels naturally. Increased Testosterone improves thinking ability. Dibezno-alpha-pyrones and Fulvic acid in Shilajit supports brain health and help to prevent the breakdown of the brain chemicals needed for memory. It brings mental clarity and works as anti stressing agent results in better sleep. People with insomnia must try Himalayan Premium Shilajit as it improves sleep naturally than anything else. It is proven from the clinical research that Shilajit has a positive effect on humans, animals and plants. It increases longevity, improves cognitive ability and overall memory, reduces different allergies and respiratory problems and adopts body to the stress level. Shilajit is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and eliminates free radicals from the body naturally.


SHILAJIT SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH NATURALLY The anti – oxidant activity by Fulvic acid in Shilajit Protects the Heart by reducing cardiovascular damage. Earlier white monkeys in Himalaya known for their longevity and strength were seen by villager’s regularly chewing substance between the layers of rocks known as Shilajit. Later villager’s started using it and they found it very healthy and effective for overall well being of their body. SHILAJIT PROMOTES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS NATURALLY Himalayan Shilajit helps improving testosterone levels naturally to maintain health and support athletic performance. Higher testosterone levels protect the muscle tissues, reduces the recovery time of muscles and tendons. It helps keeping fat off, and helps to maintain a better overall frame of mind and positive thinking. The sacred and mighty mountains of Ladakh in the Himalayas produce the best Shilajit in the world. SHILAJIT INCREASES ENERGY AND PERFORMANCE Shilajit acts at the cellular level to improve the body’s optimal energy metabolism rate which slows with age. It improves energy production at its source, the mitochondria. When our cells get nourished like this at core, one feels like more awake, recovers faster, and has more energy and presence of mind. SHILAJIT – CLEANSING AND DETOXIFICATION- FIGHT OBESITY The Humic & Fulvic acids in Shilajit helps to remove toxins, reduces bad fats, pollutants, heavy metals and free radicals from the body. Himalayan Shilajit should be taken with warm water or green tea for reducing weight. SHILAJIT HELPS IMPROVE IMMUNITY Shilajit helps to nurture body and support the immune system to have better endurance stamina and strength. It increases immunity, strength and endurance naturally. SHILAJIT BALANCES BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS NATURALLY The Fulvic acid in Shilajit is a powerful antioxidant which fights oxidation of the body and helps remove free radicals. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and encourages glucose metabolism. Shilajit should be taken with cinnamon for balancing blood sugar levels. SHILAJIT NATURALLY REDUCES STRESS Shilajit has the property of warmth and is known as a Natural Relaxant – Helps the Body Adopt to Stress.
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